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Monday, January 10, 2011


College Football is considered a “second religion” amongst fans during the fall months in the Southeastern Conference.  Oftentimes, the work-week ends at noon on Thursday allowing fans the ability to travel to an out of town venue, or begin preparations for the oddity known as “tailgating” celebrated in all its’ glory before each and every game.  From the time the work whistle blows signaling the release from the incarceration of our daily lives to the final horn signaling the end of a hard fought contest, a steady crescendo of anxiety and emotion builds to a frenzy exemplified in what is commonly known as the passion of the SEC.  Often copied but never duplicated, conferences have grown envious of what all of us consider a way of life.   

Tigerdroppings.com is an invaluable venue allowing ‘all things known” to be quickly disseminated to the curious located throughout the world.  It makes it’s way to the traveling businessman, as well as the vacationing or transplanted lurker; to those working offshore, or to the thousands serving our country in the military stationed abroad.  Nearly every athletic organization and sport is represented.  It is often sought in determining the best solution to a particular problem, garnering the catch phrase WWTDD ”What Would TigerDroppings Do?”  Most importantly, it is a format where people can share and offer opinions regarding the News, Sports, and other information pertinent to our lives. 

The unfortunate circumstances currently swirling around Auburn’s Athletic Department have been quietly rumbling for months, with the events of these last two weeks leading to an explosion of information most minds are incapable of comprehending.  It is for this reason I, with the assistance of the many members of TD’s SEC Rant, gathered the information, discussions, and opinions being shared, consolidated the high points, and compiled everything into a reader friendly format – sort of a “CamGate for Dummies.”   That said, I am not the original source of the information provided, nor can I, or will I, verify any information contained herein. With that understanding, the following is a compilation of threads, discussions, and opinions taken from TigerDroppings.com’s SEC Rant regarding Cam Newton, Auburn University, and Auburn’s Board of Trustees.   


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  1. It's too bad that this can't be sent to every recruit that the Barn is trying to get a commitment from. If I were a recruits parent, I would think twice before letting my son go to the Barn. Marcus Roberson postponed his announcement. He was quoted as saying, "i've got to figure out who I can trust." It sounds as if he knows that he is being lied to...