A Look Into One Man's Uncontrolled Desire to Maintain Political Power and Obsession in Winning Regardless of the Means Used

Monday, January 24, 2011

As the Plains Burn (2.0) - The Wrath of Lowder

"There was every reason to believe I was heading for trouble, that I'd pushed my luck a bit far. I'd abused every rule Vegas lived by—burning the locals, abusing the tourists, and terrifying the help. The only hope now, I felt, was the possibility that we'd gone to such excess, with our gig, that nobody in a position to bring the hammer down on us could possibly believe it . . . When you bring an act into this town, you want to bring it in heavy. Don't waste any time with cheap shucks and misdemeanors. Go straight for the jugular. Get right into felonies. The mentality of Las Vegas is so grossly atavistic that a really massive crime often slips by unrecognized." – Hunter S. Thompson, “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”


I cannot imagine a more accurate representation in modern day cinema that depicts the actions of those in control up on the Plains.  Thompson’s total disregard for the establishment and the rules governing the “City of Sin” perfectly illustrates the self-centered, absolution mentality exhibited by Bobby Lowder and his lack of respect for others.  Look at the battle-cry of this year’s football season.  City of Sin and “All-in” are related to this debacle in so many ways.  Lowder’s management skills are attributed to the collapse of one the largest Banks in the U.S., post depression.  He’s a suspected conspirator in the collapse of the 2nd largest privately held mortgage warehousing operation in the country.  He has acted as an “arms-length” contributor to numerous politicians entangled in what appears to be one of the most deeply rooted cases of political cancer, bribery, and corruption of recent memory. Yet, none of this will compare to the consequential dismantling of his 2nd love in life, Auburn University Football, at the insistence of numerous regulating agencies.

Since the late 1980’s Lowder has manipulated and micromanaged his beloved program in a recklessness resembling Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders.  However, it seems ol’ Bobby forgot one thing - NCAA bylaws don’t allow payment of players in College Athletics.  Auburn may have taken the title in Glendale last week, but any celebration will be bittersweet for the Plainsmen as Federal, State, and NCAA investigators continue to unravel Bobby’s quest for immortality.   

Allegations of illegal activities involving pay-for-play (P4P) schemes were discovered and reprimanded during the “Dye” administration, a banished administration which somehow has systematically remerged through the years and is alive and well, operating in nearly the same manner of years past - all systems go and still intact.  It is even more amazing the payment methods and schemes acting as the vehicles of “transference” today are nothing more than 21st century replicas of the scams utilized by Dye in the late 1980’s.   Instead of envelopes filled with cash, the alleged payments reflect the new age of electronics shaped in the form of Debit or Gift Cards, untraceable counter checks tied to hidden bank accounts, political contributions, and undocumented or forgiven mortgages / credit instruments.  Today’s “2.0” update has also been packaged in wrapping paper created by a veil of Religion, strategically hiding the multi-headed serpent Scylla and her devouring of the innocent.  Ironically, one of the “key-masters” perpetrating this religious deception actually played for Dye during the 1982-1984 seasons.   

CamGate – 21 January, 2011

Several events, revelations, melt downs, and media reports have occurred since my last report 3 days before Christmas.   The list below is in no particular order, but hits the highlights perpetuating this entertaining game of connect the dots.  The list includes, but is not limited to the following:

BingoGate legal maneuverings :  On December 20th, Jarrod Massey pled guilty to his involvement the Government outlined in the Original 65 Page, 39 count Indictment of October 1st.  This set off a huge race to find out what Massey told investigators, because there have been no less than 3 of the Defendants filing at last count 14 briefs or motions compelling the US Govt. to release the transcripts of both the wiretaps and interviews between investigators and Massey.   What was even more unsettling to the defendants was the response given by Investigators, which disclosed the fact there was an additional investigation underway and running parallel to the prosecution of the remaining 8.  The Gov’t estimated the substantial conclusion of the 2nd investigation to be no later than the 31st of January, and agreed to release the requested information on or before that date.  Whether this is an expansion of the existing case, a separate bribery / fraud case involving politicians, or a different investigation resulting from information uncovered during recorded conversations is anyone’s guess.  But whatever that case may be, someone does not want it to be uncovered unless a deal can be cut granting immunity for what may follow. 

Even more disturbing was the revelation contained in a motion filed by the Govt. on January 6th.  Seems Mr. Gilley didn’t fully understand what a few of the conditions of his pre-trial release restricted.  Contained in the Govt’s motion for revocation was the disclosure accusing Gilley to wit:

“…the defendant did knowingly offer money or a thing of value in order to corruptly persuade another person, then co- defendant Jarrod Massey, with the intent to influence, delay, or prevent the testimony of Jarrod Massey in an official proceeding and to cause or induce Jarrod Massey to withhold testimony from an official proceeding in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1512(b)(1) and (2)(A).  In addition, the defendant violated the Court’s additional condition of release (8)(j) in that he failed to avoid all contact, directly or indirectly, with any person who is or may become a potential witness in the investigation or prosecution, to wit: he did personally on more than one occasion, one of which occurred during the very time in which the Court was conducting a proceeding related to this case, offer money or a thing of value to Jarrod Massey and that he did so after having promised this Court to obey all conditions of release and agreeing that he was aware of the penalties and sanctions which might be imposed should he fail to abide by the conditions of his release.”

Gilley’s pre-trial release conditions were further restricted to a “House Arrest” status.

WOW, whatever Massey knows about Gilley, McGregor, and Coker, and presumed revealed to investigators must not be pretty.  Gilley’s persistence in his pursuit of what Massey divulged has been unrelenting. That in and of itself is not alarming, but when combined with statements Massey made in court documents fearing for safety of he and his family, the scope of this parallel investigation becomes intriguing; so much so, Massey surrendered to begin incarceration before even being formally sentenced. 

Another nugget emerged while Massey was entering his plea.  It seems Sam Franklin, of LIGHTFOOT, FRANKLIN & WHITE, L.L.C. quietly inserted himself as Geddie’s new lead counsel.  Now why would a lawyer on retainer representing Auburn University regarding matters involving the NCAA as well as possessing an exceptional reputation for negotiating settlements, yet a counselor with limited criminal trial experience be asked to represent one of the defendants, specifically Geddie?   Could it be that Geddie was paid over $20K monthly for several years on retainer by Tigers Unlimited, and those individuals whose hands were steering the fund are concerned with which the scope of a certain investigation was expanding? 

God is not for profit, literallyFollow the Money” has been a recurring theme requiring constant repetition in order to maintain focus and understanding of the various facets intertwined among the many investigations and theories. The problem confronting those following these instructions lies in the unbelievable number of organizations involved in all of this. From the creation of Tigers Unlimited, to the formation of various Ministries and Not for Profit organizations (NFP’s), to the utilization of their tax stature and required public disclosure limitations, NFP’s seem to be THE vehicle to throw the hounds chasing the money source off scent trails.   Even sports management groups are establishing NFP’s giving professional athletes a vehicle to shield tax obligations otherwise generated from their newly found wealth.  

Looking deeper into the Tigers Unlimited Foundation (TUF) reveals several “loopholes” or hiding places where payments, in-kind transfers, favorable contracts, or other questionable activities can hide.  Examine the relationship between the Lobbyist Firm Fine-Geddie and TUF, and you will find TUF has paid the firm $1MM for lobbying efforts.   Remember Robert Geddie was one of the eleven indicted this past October 4th. Budd McLaughlin of the HUNTSVILLE (AL) TIMES inquired as to Auburn’s financial relationship with Geddie’s firm.   According to McLaughlin, Fine-Geddie is paid $10k per month to the Montgomery Firm as a retainer for lobbying services pertinent to University matters.   The OPELIKA- AUBURN NEWS confirmed the Geddie-Auburn business relationship, disclosing actual payments ofnearly  $1MM for said services.  When confronted about continuing the business relationship given Geddie’s arrest, Deedie Dowdell, who heads the Marketing and Communications Department at Auburn, said there are no plans to end the contracts with Geddie’s firm.  Contracts with TUF are not subject to public disclosure, a specific and intentional characteristic established by creating a privately funded NFP “Foundation” according to Dowdell.  That one distinction allows Lowder and Co. to circumvent Sunshine Laws most University Foundations encounter. Let’s not forget TUF’s initial Director of Fundraising and Finance was none other than current Auburn AD Jay Jacobs; nor oversight of it’s operations headed by the Board of Trustee’s Finance Committee, chaired by none other than Bobby Lowder.  When you combine the others involved in the decision-making procedures, it’s easy to see Lowder has free reign and total discretion regarding AU finances.   Several contracts between Auburn University and Lowder cronies have people wondering who, what where, when, and why.    Dig deeper into exclusive printing, broadcast, and media rights, and the relationships of recently elected Speaker and State Representative Mike Hubbard, Pat Dye, and the ownership histories and you can see how the lack of separation of powers and arms length transactions seem to be ignored. 

The IRS Form 990’s (financial disclosure returns for NFP’s) submitted by AU also curls eyebrows.     Disbursements of interest include expenditures relating to the University’s own marketing and communication department $1.17MM, legislative liaison Sheri Fulford ($180M) and special liaison Rick Hartselle ($125M) as well as $3.5MM in direct fundraising expenses.  Although the proof is in the details, there sure seems to be an excessive amount of redundancy in contracts and duties.  Add all of this together, and it is easy to understand how put a little here, stash a little there, and overpay that guy next door will generate a slush fund able to finance any untraceable need created by P4P schemes. 

How can one man amass so much control of an organization this large?  A swift perusal of the officers detailed on TUF’s 990 and the answer becomes obvious.  Nearly all were either Directors on Colonial’s board or held large, corporate banking relationships at Colonial.  Everything Lowder wants to do, he does with little or no questions.  Insiders for years considered Lowder’s long-time friend, confidant, and Counselor at Law Jack Miller Bobby’s “Fix-It” savior, helping keep Lowder one step ahead of the alligators.  However, after his death due to prolonged illness, Lowder lost that “voice in his ear” which served along side at Colonial as well as AU’s BoT.  

Where does all of this money go, and how does it benefit Auburn Athletics?  This is the $2.9BLN question, the $250,000 question, the $5.1Million question, or the $1.3Million question depending if you are the FBI, NCAA, Cecil Newton, Tommy Tubs, or Gus Malzahn.  Just spit-balling numbers, but estimating “cut outs” of $400K funneled thru Fine-Geddie, say a another $600K funneled thru duplication of duties, launder a few more $Hundred “K” thru an obscure “no-bid” contract or two and you get the picture – plenty of money to repair 10 nearly condemned churches in Newman, Ga., or 20 requests for cash from an assistant to say, “close out a recruiting class.”    Also discussed nearly to exhaustion is the curious relationship between Chette Williams, his ministry, TUF, Wayne Hall, Pat Dye, and Auburn Football.  Wayne’s the treasurer of Chette Williams Ministries, and also controls the contributions from TUF to the NFP.  That’s awfully convenient if the need arises to launder a few thousand out of harm’s way, while still keeping it “All-In” as they say.  Don’t misunderstand, the NCAA has not yet proven the parties noted thus far of any wrongdoing, other than Dye’s involvement in a P4P in the late 1980’s – early 1990’s.  These are just observations which would need to be addressed and corrected before an investigation expanded into other facets of Auburn Athletics could determine a total lack of Institutional Control, (wink-wink.)

The Profitable World of Not for Profit Organizations - As I have presented in other discussions, Recruiting services, Performance camps, AAU organized sports, and even FCA chapters are learning the ease in abusing Not for Profit Organizations, circumventing bylaws outlining amateur status, as well as providing a conduit for boosters to provide athletes added benefits.  Hiding under certain laws governing Not-For Profit organizations, donations to these “Charities” are tax deductible and often made in cash, making it virtually impossible to trace.  The orchestrators of these schemes are clever enough to make sure payments from a University’s Athletic program are not comingled in a way as to appear to be improper.  Funds reimbursing the “Consultant” for travel expenses and stipends incurred while transporting prospective student athletes to and from on their official visits or camp combines may be funneled thru one NFP, while payments received as compensation for hosting 7 on 7 camps, combines, strength and conditioning seminars are directed to a separate NFP.  Throw in another NFP hiding under the guides of a non-denominational church or religious organization, and one can quickly see how cash payments from boosters, coaches, or friends of the program become almost invisible.  If nearly all of these transactions operated strictly on a cash basis, sequential bill markings would be the only way to verify and track the flow of funds, other than NSA or CIA satellite video surveillance techniques.  <- (I’m sorry - there has to be at least 1 tin-foil conspiracy reference in my discussions; this whole thing is just way too bizarre!)

Walt Williams with Pinnacle Preps, Sean Nelson with Total Package, Will Lyles and Speed Dynamics, Kashann Simmons & Baron Flenory of Dallas based “New Level Athletics” are what the recruiting services industry have labeled “Street Agents”.  Some more advanced than others, they all are a means to the end for inner-city or youth from meager backgrounds to gain the exposure to participate in Division I athletics.  Antron Wright, a former South Florida Street Agent with base operations out of Dade County, Fl. describes his operation in this manner:

”I’m like a direct end.  If you bought cheese or you like cheese and I was down here in the cheese grove, they would say, ‘Come talk to Antron, he’ll tell you where to get some cheese from.’”

If I were to provide every specific detail on how these operations function in a way to circumvent the payment of prospective student athletes, the start of the 2011 Football season would pass without fully exposing Auburn’s blatant disrespect or regard for the rules and bylaws all other institutions abide by on a daily basis.  In a nutshell, it takes cash, it takes a will to do whatever necessary to get ahead, and it takes a head coach willing to turn his head, play dumb, and allow the shell game to operate.  It also takes a recruiter blessed with the ability to relate and sell these urban athletes on how they will help them become the next great millionaire celebrity if they attend HIS University.   How ironic yet unbelievably appropriate was it when Auburn AD Jay Jacobs made the following gaffe during the National Championship Celebration held at Jordan-Hare:

"I want to thank the Board of Trustees for giving us the latitude to do what was necessary to win a championship."

Based on the spin these past several months regarding NCAA investigations, Newton eligibility, Cecil’s unbridled quest for money, and the lack of disclosure to the All-In cult growing on the Plains, that comment substantially represents the only factually accurate statement Jacobs has uttered publicly since this fiasco began. 

The Atlanta Underground – JOB 27:13-19: "Here is the fate God allots to the wicked, the heritage a ruthless man receives from the Almighty However many his children, their fate is the sword; his offspring will never have enough to eat;  The plague will bury those who survive him, and their widows will not  weep for them. Though he heaps up silver like dust and clothes like piles of clay, what he lays up the righteous will wear, and the innocent will divide his silver; The house he builds is like a moth's cocoon, like a hut made by a watchman; He lies down wealthy, but will do so no more; when he opens his eyes, all is gone.

This January 15th marked the Birthday of one of America’s true inspirational leaders, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Educated a Baptist minister, King became the Icon of American civil rights very early in his career.  King's efforts led to the 1963 March on Washington, where the introduction of four singularly simple words were innocently grouped to form what some consider the most powerful statement in Modern American History. Four simple words when arranged in a certain order launched America’s societal rebirth into the modern age.  Four simple words when used in the manner with which this most gifted orator proclaimed, again solidified the fundamental values our Founding Fathers relied upon while forming the laws and independence of this great nation.  Yet, when Dr. King spoke those four simple words, he could not have imagined how his simple yet powerful proclamation “I Have a Dream” would ever become manipulated in such malicious fashion as to allow evil the opportunity to destroy urban societal social order; a malice rooted in the foundation of a social disease known as the “Crab Mentality,” much less imagine a malice perpetrated by a direct descendent. 

How ironic is it that the "Theoi Khthonioi" (evil forces) subsequent to King’s movement would be using the remnants of an underground network originally constructed to provide the impoverished a gateway to freedom; a network now serving as the bloodline feeding the cancer now metastasized into a form of slavery those simple words intended to abolish.  Dr. King single handedly expanded the values within American Society to include his dream of a color-blind population.  Although his successors appear to some to be continuing his cause, removing the mask with which they disguise exposes the stench of a new segregation, a divisive force brewing like a witch doctor’s ale used to intoxicate the economically challenged and unknowing.  Here are the specifics. 

Similarities to Alabama’s political corruption, illegal commerce, fraud, and the blatant disregard for civil order infecting both East-Central Al. and West-Central Ga. are uncanny.  The abuse of power through attempts to intentionally defraud the general population has created an unsuspected commerce of “bonded labor,” considered extinct by most since the mid 1950’s.  The following are only a few of the News headlines in recent months – the situation can best be summed up using a quote by the great Yogi Berra, “It’s ‘Déjà vu’ all over again!”

So just what in God’s name is going on in West Georgia?  Absolutely nothing in the name of God, it seems. A fundamental philosophy embodied in Christ’s teachings asks those as Christians to live one’s life by eradicating the seven deadly.  However, a few Pharisees acting as “Men of God” have inverted Christ’s message, misguiding many in and around West Central Georgia into vigorously pursuing those exact sins, instructing their congregations to worship their very existence.  “Cult Crazy” you say?  Consider the resurgence of a “disconnected” Christian theology known as the Prosperity Gospel born in the mid to late 1950’s, and how it’s perverted teachings have affected the political and social climate in Clayton and Fulton Counties in such a fashion as to redefine the term “societal chaos.”  In reality, it’s a philosophy concealing nothing more than an elaborate pyramid scheme establishing an unbelievable network of unlimited, endless tithing. 

The basic premise of Prosperity Theology is founded on the notion God rewards the faithful with financial success. Stated another way “God wants us to prosper financially, and to have plenty of money.” For the rank-and-file churchgoer, this sort of instruction translates into one simple message: If I follow God’s commandments, I will have plenty of money. What’s unique about Bishop Eddie Long and Creflo Dollar, two of Atlanta’s more highly visible Mega-Church leaders, is the fact they have amassed an unbelievable wealth and underground organization while subconsciously preaching this bizarre and distorted message.  “Bait and Switch” cons run on congregations exceeding 25,000 in number allow their pitch of endless wealth, celebrity status, and happiness, to go virtually unnoticed while hiding the reality of undermining any real advancement within Urban social cultures.  Almost every one of the pastors spewing this twisted philosophy in the southern, inner-city market is either under congressional review, federal investigation, or indictment, yet their members stand along side steadfastly, eerily similar to the cult following nature of Cam’s contingent.   They surround themselves with celebrity “Disciples” to substantiate these twisted beliefs.  Athletes, Rap Artists, Gang Leaders, Politicians are all part of the ruse.  Pay attention to the correlation between Adam “Pac Man” Jones, Rap Artists Ti (given name of Clifford Harris) and his entourage, Evander Holyfield, Bernice King, in addition to numerous State and Local politicians to understand the common threads each may possess. 

The motivating factor in all of this is obtaining power fed by greed.  Leaders of these organizations are constantly hunting their “fix” in order to sustain the “journey.”  Initially, the message of tithing, providing for others thru the organization, the dream of living lavishly were enough to keep the con moving along.   However, as the congregations expand, additional ways to grow the wealth are necessary to feed the ever-increasing cravings just as any addict “jones’n” would require in maintaining an illusion of self-control.  For the con to remain successful, “brainwashing” became necessary to disguise the movement towards unethical practices.  Thus the inevitable snowball down the mountainside, very much like the perpetuity of any lie or untruth. A single lie leads to another, and then to another, and another, a repetitive pattern that becomes so commonplace the loss of reality is a foregone certainty.   Here’s a listing of just a few of the allegations surrounding Metro Atlanta Politicians, Eddie Long, and Creflo Dollar. 

·       A mortgage scheme whereby the appraisals are inflated to an abnormally high level.  Proceeds are advanced at higher value ratios, allowing for an increased “cash back” amount.  A payment or two might be made until the loan can be packaged and sold in the secondary markets.  Secondary Mortgage holder is left underwater, sinking ever further with the continued contraction in Real Estate values. 

·       A fraudulent scheme whereby a “financial consultation team” is established within the MegaChurch purportedly to assist in estate planning, wealth accumulation, and debt consolidation.  The team convinces the member to refinance at a lower rate and consolidate their monthly utilities, tuition, or whatever into one amount made payable to the Church.  Unfortunately, the Church never made the payments on the mortgages, causing quite a shock once the scam was discovered.  

·       The creation of slush funds using 501c3’s to fund the giving of cars, cash, and other benefits to various young men in exchange for favors

·       Clayton Cty. Schools losing SACS accreditation as a result of the gross mismanagement of finances, in addition to Academic poor performance and Fraud

·       Fulton Cty. School Bd. Under suspicion for Academic improprieties and Fraud in connection with Standardized Test Scores in WestLake - College Park. Cut outs and kick backs inflated the average per student cost to nearly twice the national average.  

How is this relevant to Auburn University?  Look at the similarities between Lee/Montgomery Cts. and Fulton Cty, Ga.  Academic Fraud, Bank Fraud, Rented Mules, Massive Mortgage fraud which led to Bank Failures, Cut Outs, Political Corruption, SACS problems, Persons of Power abusing such for personal gain; take your pick.    

Street Agents and the Underground: The Anatomy of the Scam– You are questioning what all of this has to do with College Athletics, specifically Auburn University?  In order to understand how all of these different worlds come together to form the War Eagle Universe, its important to understand the role each operative plays in the scam.  Probably the most important theme to remember thru all of this is the phrase plausible deniability– the ability to deny knowledge of any truth that may exist because of the intentional ignoring of said truth in an effort to insulate one’s self from any association or knowledge of the truth.  The armed services may have a more streamlined understanding of the concept when they adopted  “Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell.”  This is a link to a more detailed description on how street agents, coaches, boosters, parents, and prospective student athletes interact during the recruiting process. God Not Be Mockedl.  As recently as ’05-‘06 seasons, all of the “mule auctions” were handled by the night crawling underground, never exchanging the knowledge of who was on the other side.  “Plausible Deniability.”  Former head coach Tommy Tuberville has supposedly told a few old friends still living in northwestern Mississippi how his target recruits were enticed while he was at Auburn.  Tubs would list on scratch paper the 6-8 players needed that were not marquis names; those players that as a group would make a difference.  Leaving the list under his front door mat before bed, miraculously it disappeared by sunrise. There were never any discussions or person-to-person contact – just the drop.  It was not until national signing day that he learned if the “underground” was successful.  Today’s recruiting sights, athlete marketing firms, 7 on 7 camps, summer training programs, Coaching Seminars, and the emergence of handlers have brought the art of P4P to an all time sophistication.  If you require any further detail, this is an exceptional resource by a fan out of (all places) Texas - go figure. How to cheat in college football recruiting .

There are four basic components to any bamboozle.  The Mark is the unsuspecting victim, in this case the prospective student athlete; the Con-Man or Grifter would be the ultimate benefactor or trickster; the ruse is the guise under which the sham is being portrayed; shills are nothing more than various accomplices.   Marks and/or their parent/guardian trust the Grifter to act in their best interest.  Surely a “Man of God” would meet such a requirement.  The Ruse? Trust me as a “Man of God” to guide you on your recruiting journey towards those schools providing the best opportunities on and off the field for you and your family.  The shills? Continue to follow in the ways of my associates, and you too will reap many rewards.  How could a kid or guardian living in a low-income urban environment, or an athlete out of the rural south possibly possess the experience to see these leeches for what they really are?   Once they have boarded this underground train, it’s a one-way ticket. There’s no turning back.  THAT reality often does not come into play until much later, either by joining with the other marks, or when the NCAA reads the lad his rights, or lack thereof.  Unfortunately, the “I didn’t know” ignorance to the law theory more than likely will not suffice. 

Update on allegations and possible sanctions/ramifications– You may be asking why this long dissertation?  Anyone can claim to have heard something about someone from somebody’s relative whose friend works for the head of whatever.  But when reviewing the following, understand just how all of this, after connecting a dot or two, becomes extremely likely.  Also understand, if there was “established evidence” confirming the allegation, the discussion would turn to how many more years of sanctions are they looking at, and how the severity of said sanctions was, or was not justified. 

1)     Cam Newton P4P - By now, everyone has speculated as to the validity of the claims.  There is the supposed conversation with Megan Mullen and the now infamous “the money is just too much.”  There is the well documented discussions regarding the flow of monies from boosters to a NFP Auburn, then to NFP Chicago/Detroit, then to NFP structured to assist distressed or underfunded Churches, then to both contractors and additional NFP’s, which performed “in-kind” work valued at various amounts.  Remember the ties to College Park, Ga. and Bishop Eddie Long.  Remember how Long began his empire, and then review the comments made by an electrician trying to get Cecil’s buildings up to code. Newton Churches are subject to NCAA questions.  It seems Cecil wanted to create his own New World operation, using Cam as the seed capital and marketing face. 

Now take into account the inconsistencies in stories from Nat’l signing day thru April-May, 2010, and the statements being presented by AU to the NCAA for reinstatement.   Originally Cam’s storyline was I wanted to go to MSU, but my Dad chose Auburn.  This leads to the obvious question, if Cecil was extorting monies from State, why not the same extortion from AU?  And why did little Cam never ask his Dad why Auburn?  Once the story broke out of Starksville, pressures began to mount and accusations about AU payments began to surface.  Then, very quietly, there are reports out of ATL that Cecil admitted to making the P4P request to the ATL Fox affiliate.  About the same time, Cam changes his tune to the claim the decision to attend AU was solely his decision.  Well, in order to sustain Cam’s eligibility up to, and thru a possible BCSCG, the modified story HAD to have been the one presented, within that specific context.  Otherwise, the likelihood of Cam being declared ineligible was increasing with the release of every nugget of contradiction.

If there was not the possibility of this allegation being true, why the constant secrecy and inconsistencies out of AU’s administration.  To this date, Jay Jacobs has yet to admit to an NCAA investigation regarding recruiting irregularities; yet numerous media outlets make reference to such.  Jacobs makes reference to a “mutual agreement” between AU and Cecil maintaining, among other things, Cecil not attending the BCS Championship.  Two things very odd about such an agreement.  1) Why would there be an issue with the NCAA if Cecil were to attend, because he was still allowed limited access according to Jacobs? and 2) Why would AU not release the terms and conditions of such an agreement to the Public under Sunshine Law regulations?  There could not be any monetary consideration exchanged, for that would create yet another Bylaw infraction defined as an extra benefit.  Were there financial ramifications outlined or defined as a remedy of default if a covenant was broken?  That’s highly unlikely - it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. 

What was even more puzzling was AU’s “response” once Cecil was spotted in the 4th Qtr.  Since 9/11 security at high profile sporting events has nearly increased to the point of requiring passports and level 3 military clearing before any entry was granted.  Security checkpoints at this year’s Cotton Bowl delayed the entry by nearly 90 minutes as checks, re-checks, and more checks were performed on each ticket holder at various points of ingress.  With this in mind, the notion of Cecil watching the majority of the game at a near by watering hole / restaurant, then entering towards the end does not jive with the level of security restricting entry for the event.  Don’t forget the limited, scripted responses made by Cam, when even allowed the opportunity to speak publicly.  The supposed back injury after the BCS, and Chiz’s interception and handling of media after the SECCG are at the very least suspicious.  What is it that AU is afraid of Cam revealing?  Also, is it possible there was no agreement between AU and Cecil, and that the “he will not attend” statements were yet another ruse to hide Cecil from the Media altogether.  There has yet to be a public statement by either parent of Cam since his reinstatement.  Why is that?

2)     Newton Receiving Benefits from 3rd Parties-Stories of Cam receiving benefits from 3rd parties continue to swirl, most recently with his relationship with Clifford Harris.  Cam was photographed in the VIP area of a Posh Night Club in Atlanta after the SECCG.  The Opera is one of a couple with ownership ties to Ti.  Harris has been repeatedly portrayed as “misunderstood” by Bishop Long, yet during the propaganda blast, Harris was arrested for attempting to buy 3 machine guns, two silencers, and enough ammunition to defend Grenada from another coup attempt.  The media campaign also included public speaking at a local elementary school, as well as feeding the homeless during the holidays.  Isn’t it ironic that Cam was reported in the media as performing exactly the same compassionate acts of kindness?  I am in no way making light of these acts of kindness; rather, I question the coincidental nature and sincerity of both Harris and Newton.  My point is there seems to be something more than just a childhood friend relationship; rather someone has initiated a preemptive media blitzkrieg if it is later found that Cam had knowledge of, or was involved in some sort of P4P.  The coincidences with Harris, the ties to Long by both Harris and Cecil, and the propaganda marketing campaign help make the rumors of Harris holding a Range Rover in storage for Cam until after the Championship much more believable. 

3)     Illegal Recruiting Tactics involving Trooper Taylor and Curtis Luper – Everywhere Taylor has landed seems to be surrounded with some sort of speculation into questionable practices.  While at Tulane, some labeled him “$20 Trooper.”  At Tennessee, he was known to speak at booster luncheons  $200-300 per head.  Put a couple of these together with 150 boosters and a nice “slush fund” for “network” use is created.   Then there’s the Thibodaux, La. stories involving Robinson and Reed.  Tie together Lache Seastrunk’s pastor and his relationship to Luper, the comments made by those close to Lache regarding the types of pitches being thrown by Taylor and Luper, and there appears to be a recurring pattern.  Now consider the success AU has gained out of College Park, Ga.   Taylor Has Successes Outside of College Park  Auburn’s 2010 Roster has no less than 5 players listed from out of the Metro Atlanta area, 4 being true freshmen.  Look further than the ties to Banneker High School, the use of 501c3’s, and the dynamic duo of Trooper and Luper, the coincidences keep growing.   2011’s crop of Taylor recruits out of Metro Atlanta have 2 commits and one high profile prospect following similar “travel itineraries” procedures.  If an additional dot or two are connected tying College Park and fraud, academic impropriety, corruption, and propensity for washing cash, the smoke goes from steady to billowing.  Now add signings, commitments, and verbal agreements from the dynamic duo’s relationships with Walt Williams, Will Lyles, and Sean Nelson, and the number grows to at least 16 players and prospects.  Let’s also not forget the comments made by both Robinson’s Grandmother and Marcus Lattimore’s mom regarding Taylor’s tactics.   When you add the “tainted” recruits that enrolled elsewhere, the number grows to over 20 in a little over two full seasons.  Those are SMU type numbers. 

4)     Nick Fairley, Cam Newton, and perfect attendance. – There were several rumors swirling about SEC football lands during the holidays referencing Cam and Nick’s academic performance, or more specifically the lack thereof.  Earlier in the year a curious bystander issued a challenge over the Internet that the first to provide proof Cam Newton was enrolled this past fall at Auburn.  No takers, although there were several which suggest a means of succeeding to those on the Plains.  When people started looking into what classes he was taking, they could not find ANY record of his enrollment on School Networks.  Every other player was located together with the declared major, class schedule, etc.   Auburn fans countered with the suggestion he was enrolled in “On-Line” courses given his potential Heisman stature, giving him relief from the constant bombardment from the population given his celebrity status; unfortunately, the challenger discovered his major does not offer on-line substitutions.  Enrollment in classes not in pursuit of the intended degree constitutes a violation of Bylaws 14.01.2 and defining academic status and proper academic standing. 

Fairley’s problems seem to be centered among his ability to complete the required work.  Questions regarding his academic stature arose before he even graduated High School, and reporters noted no less than 7 grades being changed just to earn his high school diploma.  More recently, controversy questioned his completion of work required of last semester, which would have made Nick ineligible for the Championship Game.  Some of the reasons Auburn Fans have given for the extension of time allowing completion included his inability to complete the necessary schoolwork because of the “Awards Circuit” he was traveling impeded his ability to complete the necessary classwork.  How much time and the specifics, only Nick, Jacobs, Chiz, and Nick’s professors can answer.  However what is known is how difficult victory would have been if both Cam and Nick were not available to participate.  There are also reports of Fairley signing with an agent before playing in the BCS Championship contest.  I Wonder if AU knew about it, and if there were attempts to conceal?  “All-In” baby, “All-In.” 

5)     It’s a God Thing – The continued spewing of divine intervention on the part of the Chiz is just the latest Pharisee to attempt a camouflage of the true operation maneuvering on the Plains.  His entire post game speech was how God was behind the efforts of this team, even through all of the controversy.  Was he implying that Chip Kelly and the Oregon players did not have the support of the almighty?  Cam’s continuous references to God were completely out of context, both at the Heisman award ceremony as well as post game field and press-room interviews.  So just how God-Like are these two living their lives?  Cam’s troubles in Florida seem to be well documented, with accounts of a felony arrest for theft as well as 3 cases of academic fraud set for tribunal until his swift transfer to Blinn.  

Chiz and Jacobs don’t seem to understand that being less than forthcoming and truthful is in no one’s best interest.  Inconsistencies in statements seem to be more and more prevalent each time they open their collective mouths.   Chiz was speaking at an awards banquet and made the statement his staff “stumbled” onto Cam.  One of two things is true about that statement.  Either AU’s recruiting coordinators are asleep at the wheel (not likely); or, Chiz is trying to spin a situation in such a manner as to deflect possible problems down the road.  Cam’s JUCO rating was the highest of any QB eligible for transfer to Division 1 athletics.  How could Cam NOT be on AU’s radar given the sub-par performance of their QB at the time, much less the fact he was the only true dual threat QB with a rating higher than 2 stars.  I am not the only one who called BS, as the entire press corp rolled their eyes and started to snicker wondering what Chiz was trying to take them for…..

Lost in all of this is the ol man himself, Pat Dye.  He was expelled in 1992 for committing the exact same atrocities as being suggested today, just utilizing a more antiquated method.  I wonder what would have taken place back in 1992 if there was an Internet Underground to aid in his schemes.  The whole pay for play scheme smells of having his hands involved.  There is both a sense of arrogance and entitlement that the delusional have used as justification for their actions.  I wonder how kindly NCAA investigators are going to take to the script “well Bama did this back in 1995,” or “LSU just admitted to having a rogue coach on staff.” What the Cult on the Plains fail to acknowledge is both schools were proactive in their sanctions, not to mention the fact sanctions were issued and enforced.  It is not looking favorable for the orange and blue for the foreseeable future.     

Jay Jacobs may have the most serious problems of all just beyond the horizon.  His public statements regarding Cam, Cecil, and ongoing investigations don’t jive, and if he was less than forthcoming with the NCAA reinstatement committee a wrath of sanctions will certainly follow.  This may be the least of JJ’s problems.  Remember before becoming AD, he was responsible for the management of TUF.  TUF, the 501c3 which more than likely doubled as Lowder’s personal checking account; a foundation which made 7 figure payments to one of the 11 indicted for political bribery and fraud; and a foundation that will be subject to claw-backs like never seen in Alabama if it is discovered Lowder diverted bank monies thru the foundation in an effort to launder their origin. 

So what’s in store next in all of this is anyone’s guess.  There are unconfirmed reports of extreme scrutiny being applied to next month’s national signing date for prospective college football student-athletes and their commitment to Auburn.  Also being watched is the signing of Robinson and others suspected of accepting extra benefits.  If later proven, the collective football future of these young men may be at risk because of ineligibility definitions contained in NCAA Bylaws.  This is the unfortunate part of the con, because many have no clue what ramifications may be sanctioned.  It would seem the NCAA compliance statement required to be signed as part of their certification has not yet disclosed to those involved in a possible P4P.

The similarities between the debauchery spilling into the streets of Urban Atlanta, West Central Georgia, and the corruption metastasized in Alabama are strikingly similar.  Politicians participating in an all out financial free for all, mortgage fraud, loan forgiveness, abuse of PACs and 501c3’s, $Millions upon $Millions mysteriously disappearing, the mocking of Christ’s teachings, Pharisees running wild give the appearance Chaos has taken over. 2011 may very well be the beginning of the apocalypse for Auburn and WestLake-College Park.  Not included in this segment is the role SACS will play once the federal investigations begin to subside.  Confessional cleansing by those that remain may be the only salvation once the winds of justice blow.    Never has the statement “the winds of change” meant so much to so many.  Another Hunter Thompson reference may best foreshadow what lies ahead for the War Eagle nation …

"We were someplace around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold. I remember saying something like 'I feel a bit lightheaded; maybe you should drive . . .' And suddenly there was a terrible roar all around us and the sky was full of what looked like huge bats, all swooping and screeching and diving around the car, which was going about a hundred miles an hour with the top down to Las Vegas. And a voice was screaming: 'Holy Jesus! What are these damn animals?'"

Those animals are the wrath heading to the Plains of Auburn not previously encountered by humans since 1985 in Dallas, Tx.   God Not Be Mocked my friend, God Not Be Mocked.   


  1. Excellent work as always. I am lurking, but following the situation with great interest from the West Coast. I have no dog in this hunt, but I am a fan of college football and believe that something must be done to preserve this great sport. Rest assured that thousands more are following this situation and anxiously waiting for the floodgates to break.

  2. I am another lurker; have read every word of ATPB on TD, keep up with both blogs, and love your work! Thanks for letting me follow on Twitter! I live in a 'house divided' and until this season have kinda half-way wanted AU to win, except the Iron Bowl! But this season they disgust me and I want to see the football program suffer for years!! There are a lot of us who appreciate your hard work and wish the best for you! :)

  3. Great work BTT. I am a long-time lurker and read every word of ATPB on TD except the posts by barner trolls. Please disclose the reasons that the TD admins have archived the thread yet again.

  4. Good stuff.

    Whose team is the FBI on? Will the FBI protect the NCAA, and the major university athletic programs' P4P schemes (which are commonplace.. let's be real), as they continue their related investigations to fry the BIG fish? OR, will everything come out in a Jose Canseco like undressing of P4P schemes throughout NCAA athletics (similar to the steroids fiasco in pro baseball)?

    I just want to be entertained. Yes, let's get the "bad guys." But, don't bury college football.

  5. Damn this is hilarious.

    I don't know what's worse, this fairy tale of a story, or the idiots who actually believed this?

    Either way, wasting ones time in writing and fabricating stories only proves what a loser this guy was...