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Monday, January 10, 2011

NOVEMBER 17th, 2010

1.  TMZ reports that the FBI is investigating relationships between Milton McGregor and the Newton Controversy. Specifically, the report states that FBI asked someone connected with the Newton Case if he was familiar with McGregor or his bribery trial.

2.  Just after this hit the wires, RollTideTA of TideSports.com posts an e-mail he received from someone “in the know”. The e-mail contained the following:

“…The Feds have tape from wire taps made on McGregor and other prominent Auburn boosters from their investigation. The Newton's were just shopping their talent's to the wrong people at the wrong time and thus there is hard evidence available that incriminates everyone involved. It's only a matter of time that all of this information becomes public.

FBI found out about Cam before the NCAA did while wiretapping Milton McGregor and others related to the casino/bingo indictments. They uncovered conversations with McGregor, Auburn and Cam's uncle in Michigan. McGregor paid $250K to the uncle through a PAC and other hidden entities and the uncle funneled the money to Cecil.

The FBI gave this information to the NCAA sometime after the indictments were handed down. They had to sit on the information for 6 months until the grand jury indicted the men and women in the gambling deal. All of the wiretap information was sealed and that is why the delay in investigating. The NCAA had to go to Miss St to see if Cecil had solicited money from them as well. That is why Miss St is involved. They are basically connecting all of the dots. Miss St may be cleared because they told Cecil no. He then went to Auburn. The offer was on the table from McGregor but Cam wanted to play at Miss St and not Auburn. When Miss St declined to pay him, he went to where the money was... hence the comment, "The money was too much." The FBI met with the Miss St coaches, John Bond and Bill Bell today to get their official statements.

3.  Later in the day, ESPN reported Bill Bell received text from someone purportedly to represent the Newton Family outlining the payment schedule the family wanted in order to have his son play at MSU. Bell also handed over tape recordings of Cecil saying “'Dan Mullen is going to have to put a smile on my face if he thinks he's going to get my son” – substantiating the “Make Me Smile” comments rumored shortly after MSU went public.

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